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In the 16th century, the anatomist Andreas Vesalius published De humani corporis fabrica - On the Workings of the Human Body - which became the most influential work of anatomy since Galen’s one thousand years earlier. Vesalius was at the helm of a medical renaissance that would usher in centuries of scholarship and discovery. Though Vesalius’ treatise dealt strictly with the corporeal, five hundred years later we hope to usher in a second renaissance – one of humanism in medicine.

As a group of students at New Jersey Medical School (NJMS), where we’re involved with the Center for Humanism, we explore the threads that unite humankind, the nexus where medicine meets the humanities, and the belief that an understanding of the world, beyond objective science, is vital to the physician-patient relationship. We’re students of medicine, but also art, literature, philosophy, history, music, and all around, students of humanity. Whether you’re a student of one or all of these disciplines, we hope you’ll join us.


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  1. Neil Kothari

    This is a really beautiful site – you guys are really doing a fantastic job highlighting humanism in medicine – keep it up!
    -nk aka @pcore