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With the start of the NYT’s digital subscription (which we’ll probably eventually purchase), we’re searching for additional venues for intellectual procrastination. Enter – Wonders & Marvels. The site, edited by Professor Holly Tucker of Vanderbilt  University, is a forum for writers of history of science and historical fiction. The blog is highlighting Professor Tucker’s newest book on the diabolical history of blood transfusions, Blood Work: A Tale of Medicine and Murder in the Scientific Revolution.

From the summary:

“On a cold day in 1667, a renegade physician named Jean Denis transfused calf’s blood into one of Paris’s most notorious madmen. In doing so, Denis angered not only the elite scientists who had hoped to perform the first animal-to-human transfusions themselves, but also a host of powerful conservatives who believed that the doctor was toying with forces of nature that he did not understand. Just days after the experiment, the madman was dead, and Denis was framed for murder.”

Even history books these days are about vampires, it seems. Anyway, explore the blog a bit, and drop us a line if you’re reading Blood Work to let us know what you think!

Image: Wonders & Marvels

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