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If only tuberculosis were actually that adorable. Over a third of the world is infected with TB (read that again), and it kills over 2 million a year, often striking people in the prime of their lives. Even in the US, TB takes days to diagnose and resistant strains are increasingly difficult to treat.

Enter – David Alland, MD. Dr. Alland’s new Xpert Rapid TB Test, which can diagnose TB in less than 2 hours in a self-contained machine,┬áhas been endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Check out the video below explaining the test.

We’re giddy with excitement over here. This technology is extremely promising for the developing world where TB management is often complicated by HIV and where lab facilities are frequently inadequate. Keep up the amazing work! (If you’re interested in the more science-y details, take a look at the New England Journal article about the test).

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