Heart and soul

Just one day after learning  heart sounds as a first-year student comes this must-read by Madeline Drexler – “18 Stethoscopes, 1 Heart Murmur, and Many Missed Connections.”

During my annual physical, my doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital had remarked how loud and distinct my click was. Would I consider volunteering as a “patient,” so fledgling medical students could listen and learn?

I was intrigued by the chance to gain perspective on the doctor-patient interaction. Make that “Patient-Doctor II,” the intentionally reversed name of this second-year course that focuses on learning the physical examination.

Now, as I sat in an open-stringed green-and-blue-print cloth gown, I began to wonder if the students realized they were examining a live human being, as opposed to a particularly sophisticated anatomical model.

If you’ve ever been a patient, cared for patients, or both, this piece applies to you.

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One Response to Heart and soul

  1. Rumantha Moody, M.D.

    “You only get one chance to make a 1st impression” is a cliche to recall as a physician caring for human beings.
    Recalling it helps me get below the surface of what’s really going on with patients. With limited time to spend per patient,I have standardized my lines :
    #1 introduce myself
    #2 Ask ‘how might I help you?’ or what made you seek medical care today?’
    #3Then with all my might …I listen