When I grow up

All over the country, thousands of pre-medical students are crossing the threshold, preparing to spend the next decade in school and training. Danielle Ofri answers, “Why would anyone choose to become a doctor?”

The awe of discovering the human body. The honor of being trusted to give advice. The gratitude for helping someone through a difficult illness. These things never grow old.

To name a few. Also – to be involved in a human narrative, continue and improve upon a tradition of healing, unlock mysteries of biology, pursue lifelong learning, attain a unique skill set, make a concrete contribution to the world community. And the scrubs are pretty comfy.

Ofri goes on to say how advising medical students reinvigorates her. So true. Even as a rising second year, there’s nothing quite like speaking to an incoming student to revive the eye-sparkling wonder that we started with last year.

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