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The Moth Radio Quarter-Hour

In this Moth piece, a therapist describes her journey with a patient whose cancer returns. After hours of sessions, what two word sentence is the most comforting? Take 15 minutes to listen to Segment 1 below (click >> arrow). Image … Continue reading

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Treating the patient, not the disease

We frequently hear this phrase, and here’s the thought in action. When homeless former inventor Mike Williams came under Dr. Jong Chen’s care, Chen helped him regroup both medically and socially. All of that got started with an unusually generous … Continue reading

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2112 – Looking back on 300 years of the NEJM

Since 1812, the year of the New England Journal of Medicine‘s founding, medicine has been utterly transformed. We saw the advent of antisepsis and anesthesia (both from the 1840s alone), created ways of imaging the inside of the body, and … Continue reading

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Best medical articles of 2012

If you were busy living, learning, studying, or otherwise occupied in 2012, you may have missed out on some of the fantastic medical journalism and essays of 2012. Fortunately, the editor of Stanford Medicine has curated a thoughtful and intriguing … Continue reading

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Who am I?

That might be the question Jean Valjean is asking, but hopefully we’re all taking some time in the new year for self-reflection. Yet how do we define ourselves? Pause a moment before diving into 2013 to read Daniel Levitin’s probing piece … Continue reading

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