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Harry Potter and the Nummular Headache

In the classic tradition of diagnosing literary and historical figures, neurologists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine have examined the literary icon of the century – Harry Potter. From the paper, “Harry Potter and the Nummular Headache,” appearing in … Continue reading

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Heard on the Floors – Quechua edition

Picture a deeply sun-bronzed woman in a wide-brimmed, straw hat. She is wearing a traditional, quilted vest decorated with red, green, and black woven designs which cover many more layers of wool and alpaca garments beneath. This woman speaks some … Continue reading

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Playing Doctor

There’s a column over at McSweeney’s called “Playing Doctor” which breaks down the complex choreography of standardized patient encounters. In medical school, students learn history-taking and physical exam by practicing on actors who play patients. Robert Isenberg, an actor and … Continue reading

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Picasso’s glimpse into humanistic medicine

This past summer as I backpacked through Europe, I stumbled into the Museu Picasso, nestled in the tortuous La Ribera section of Barcelona, Spain. The museum, which feels more like a medieval Spanish villa, was supported by the late artist, … Continue reading

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Your TEDMEDucation

If you’re a medical student not watching TED videos yet, you might want to start. TEDMED (a spin-off of TED) has phenomenal short talks “imagining the future of health and medicine.”  Below, Brian Goldman discusses, “Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about … Continue reading


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