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Foot soldiers of public health

Change is best when it comes from within. In a poor neighborhood in Calcutta, children are being recruited to spread awareness and facilitate polio vaccination. Below, a clip from Maren Grainger-Monsen, MD, and Nicole Newnham’s documentary for the Program for … Continue reading

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It’s alive!

What does it mean to create a monster, or to cross the line between nature and experimentation? A new exhibit at the US National Library of Medicine takes a look at Frankenstein, through the lens of bioethics. In 1818, Shelley’s story … Continue reading

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Lisa Sanders, columnist for the NY Times health section, has proposed another “Think Like a Doctor” medical mystery. The last mystery diagnosis was posted here, involving a healthy child with hairloss. The Presenting Problem: A 46-year-old man comes to the … Continue reading

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Rounding in the Gallery

Historical figures aren’t the only ones subjected to mystery diagnosis in the modern age. At the National Gallery in London, Professor Michael Baum organizes gallery rounds where he and his students analyze works of art through a clinician’s lens. (via BiblioOdyssey) … Continue reading

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Deafening silence

Danielle Ofri remembers Bellevue on September 11, 2001. The overnight staff remained in the hospital along with the day staff. Busloads of doctors from hospitals in Brooklyn and Queens arrived at Bellevue. Off-duty doctors and nurses showed up of their own … Continue reading

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Gotta catch ‘em all

Works of Oliver Sacks, with glorious new covers. image via fastcodesign

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