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Which is it this time Holmes, cocaine or morphine?

So asks Watson of the great literary detective. But Sherlock Holmes certainly wasn’t the only thinker of his era to plunge himself into experimentation with drugs. Both Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, and William Halsted, giant of American surgery, suffered … Continue reading

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Grimm and Gray

Valerie Gribben, a new medical resident as of July 1, has an insightful editorial in the New York Times on using fairy tales to understand suffering in medicine. The practice of medicine bestows the sacred privilege to ask about the … Continue reading

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The terrible evil

Illness takes a deep physical and emotional toll not just on the patient, but on the family as well. In today’s Letter of Note, Edgar Allan Poe describes his wife’s physical suffering, and his subsequent psychological descent. You say —”Can … Continue reading

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