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2112 – Looking back on 300 years of the NEJM

Since 1812, the year of the New England Journal of Medicine‘s founding, medicine has been utterly transformed. We saw the advent of antisepsis and anesthesia (both from the 1840s alone), created ways of imaging the inside of the body, and … Continue reading

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Pillaging, plundering and public health

In response to requests by leprosy advocacy groups, Aardman Animations, the studio behind upcoming film The Pirates!, is removing a scene which shows a character losing an arm on a “leper boat.” “After reviewing the matter, we decided to change … Continue reading

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Foot soldiers of public health

Change is best when it comes from within. In a poor neighborhood in Calcutta, children are being recruited to spread awareness and facilitate polio vaccination. Below, a clip from Maren Grainger-Monsen, MD, and Nicole Newnham’s documentary for the Program for … Continue reading

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This weekend marked the 30th anniversary of the first reported cases of AIDS. Wired magazine’s Maryn McKenna, author of Beating Back the Devil, has posted excerpts of the harrowing origins and first victims of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the US … Continue reading

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The Brave and Few at Fukushima

Each hour, the urgency of headlines from Japan heightens. All but fifty workers have evacuated the nuclear plant, where pools covering spent fuel rods evaporate and threaten renewed fission.  Without names or faces, these fifty heroes are protecting an island … Continue reading

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Ask the Xpert

If only tuberculosis were actually that adorable. Over a third of the world is infected with TB (read that again), and it kills over 2 million a year, often striking people in the prime of their lives. Even in the … Continue reading

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