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Healing, panel by panel

Remember all those times when Lois Lane couldn’t understand where Clark Kent was running off to? Secret identities have been the crux of superhero struggles since the inception of comics. Time and again we’ve seen comic book heroes grapple with misunderstanding … Continue reading

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Comics & Medicine: Part 1

There’s been an avalanche of comics and medicine news recently, and like any true medical specialty, now there’s a conference! The second annual Comics and Medicine conference was held June 9-11, entitled The Sequential Art of Illness, at Northwestern University. … Continue reading

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Oo ee oo ah ah

Witch Doctor, a new comic by Image, approaches classic horror from a medical point of view. Check out some previews on the official site. Witch Doctor #1 on sale June 29. image via USA Today

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If I had a hammer

Thor, the new Marvel film opens today, starring everyone’s favorite god of thunder! Although it looks like Thor’s alter-ego Donald Blake isn’t appearing in the film, impress your friends at the movies this weekend by reading up on his comic origin story. … Continue reading

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Holy medicine, Batman!

A British company, Medikidz, is offering comics to kids that discuss chronic illness, including asthma, HIV, and type I diabetes. “When children fall ill they naturally look to adults for courage, comfort and explanation. In most cases these adults are … Continue reading

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Captain America: A Little Help

What’s Cap up to these days when he’s not saving the universe and appearing in Superbowl ads? Suicide prevention, it seems. Psychologist Dr. Tim Ursiny worked with Marvel comics to write a suicide prevention comic featuring Captain America, complete with … Continue reading

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