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Heart and soul

Just one day after learning  heart sounds as a first-year student comes this must-read by Madeline Drexler – “18 Stethoscopes, 1 Heart Murmur, and Many Missed Connections.” During my annual physical, my doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital had remarked how loud … Continue reading

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“Treat the patient, not the CT scan”

Abraham Verghese  has a fantastic op-ed in the Times discussing the growing, Asimov-esque presence of technology in hospitals at the expense of the physical exam. Not only is physical exam diagnostically important, but it also serves as a timeless ritual … Continue reading

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Giving thanks

Gross anatomy is the most defining aspect of the first year medical school experience, and perhaps of all four years. As the first half of the academic year comes to an end, medical schools all over the country are holding … Continue reading


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