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Harry Potter and the Nummular Headache

In the classic tradition of diagnosing literary and historical figures, neurologists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine have examined the literary icon of the century – Harry Potter. From the paper, “Harry Potter and the Nummular Headache,” appearing in … Continue reading

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Improvement of the mind through extensive reading

There’s a scene in Pride and Prejudice where Mr. Darcy states that in addition to the usual accomplishments necessary for an early 19th century young lady, one “must yet add something more substantial, in the improvement of her mind by … Continue reading

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Literary H&P

Medicine is about storytelling. In particular, the medical history and physical (H&P) is an exhaustive write-up of the current status of the patient, with a strong emphasis on the events leading up to hospital admission. However, it leaves little room … Continue reading

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Rhyme & Reason

Sometimes the timing is just right for rediscovering a childhood favorite. This week’s New Yorker has an interview with Norton Juster, author of┬áThe Phantom Tollboth, in honor of its 50th anniversary. To all the students out there, a few words … Continue reading

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Gotta catch ‘em all

Works of Oliver Sacks, with glorious new covers. image via fastcodesign

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Grimm and Gray

Valerie Gribben, a new medical resident as of July 1, has an insightful editorial in the New York Times on using fairy tales to understand suffering in medicine. The practice of medicine bestows the sacred privilege to ask about the … Continue reading

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Fantastic interview with Rebecca Skloot, author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, over at The AV Club, with special mention of a upcoming children’s adaption. AVC: Part of the reason the Lacks family was afraid to talk to you … Continue reading

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Comics & Medicine: Part 1

There’s been an avalanche of comics and medicine news recently, and like any true medical specialty, now there’s a conference! The second annual Comics and Medicine conference was held June 9-11, entitled The Sequential Art of Illness, at Northwestern University. … Continue reading

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What Hopkins lost, and the Lost Generation found

When Gil Pender, the protagonist of Woody Allen’s latest film, walks into the salon of Gertrude Stein, he can’t believe his good fortune (or time travel abilities). It’s a den of creative energy, literature and art. But years before Stein … Continue reading

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Oo ee oo ah ah

Witch Doctor, a new comic by Image, approaches classic horror from a medical point of view. Check out some previews on the official site. Witch Doctor #1 on sale June 29. image via USA Today

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