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How Doctors Die

With the Baby Boomers now entering senior citizenhood, almost all future doctors will be, to some extent, geriatricians. It’s no wonder that discussions of end-of-life and advance care planning now figure heavily into medical education and policy discussion. Today, patients … Continue reading

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“Death of a pathology centre”

What do you do with 90 million tissues samples when their home is closing? That’s the challenge faced by the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, AFIP. What grew from an army medical museum into a consulting agency and one of the … Continue reading

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“The Hot Spotters”

In an insightful New Yorker piece, Atul Gawande discusses saving on healthcare costs by addressing, and closely monitoring, the neediest patients. Brenner wasn’t all that interested in costs; he was more interested in helping people who received bad health care. But … Continue reading

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