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Pillaging, plundering and public health

In response to requests by leprosy advocacy groups, Aardman Animations, the studio behind upcoming film The Pirates!, is removing a scene which shows a character losing an arm on a “leper boat.” “After reviewing the matter, we decided to change … Continue reading

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Cancer screening

Roger Ebert, a survivor of thyroid cancer, reflects on two new films and his own experiences with illness –  50/50 and Restless. We need films like this. They help us deal with life, not death. There is a film that … Continue reading

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Foot soldiers of public health

Change is best when it comes from within. In a poor neighborhood in Calcutta, children are being recruited to spread awareness and facilitate polio vaccination. Below, a clip from Maren Grainger-Monsen, MD, and Nicole Newnham’s documentary for the Program for … Continue reading

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What Hopkins lost, and the Lost Generation found

When Gil Pender, the protagonist of Woody Allen’s latest film, walks into the salon of Gertrude Stein, he can’t believe his good fortune (or time travel abilities). It’s a den of creative energy, literature and art. But years before Stein … Continue reading

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Laughing at life

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen star as buddies in a new dramedy, 50/50, about a young man diagnosed with cancer. One of the writers, Will Reiser, is Rogen’s real-life friend who’s struggled with the disease. There’s a surprising amount of … Continue reading

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If I had a hammer

Thor, the new Marvel film opens today, starring everyone’s favorite god of thunder! Although it looks like Thor’s alter-ego Donald Blake isn’t appearing in the film, impress your friends at the movies this weekend by reading up on his comic origin story. … Continue reading

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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

The new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer has just been released, and Pottermania is in full swing. Trying to justify surfing Potter fansites when finals are just around the corner? Never fear – we have just … Continue reading

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Play it again, Sam

Oliver Sacks meets Sundance in “The Music Never Stopped” – a hit new film based on a case study (“The Last Hippie”) by the literary neurologist. Gabriel Sawyer, a young man whose brain tumor has interrupted his memory, uses classic rock … Continue reading

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