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2112 – Looking back on 300 years of the NEJM

Since 1812, the year of the New England Journal of Medicine‘s founding, medicine has been utterly transformed. We saw the advent of antisepsis and anesthesia (both from the 1840s alone), created ways of imaging the inside of the body, and … Continue reading

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What aviation can teach us about medicine

Two hundred years ago, the only noninvasive visualization afforded to doctors was through the stethoscope. Today, our CTs, MRIs and other technologies offer unimaginable insight. The danger is, do we know what we’re looking at? The tragic tale of Flight … Continue reading

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New Robot Improves Eye Surgery, Does Not Replace Surgeon

“Good morning! I will be your surgeon today, and operating a robot in the adjacent room. Do you have any questions?” A patient may be alarmed by the notion of a robot involved in their operation, but robotic surgery is … Continue reading

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